My Microblading Experience

It took me about 2 months to find an artist in town that I trusted with my own face. I searched through portfolios, zoomed in on strokes (like all our techs do) and if I couldn't see strokes in detail, the photos were too much edited, the never post healed results, it looks good from far but is far from good or their hair stroke pattern looked unnatural and the brow shapes were off (or they unfortunately live too far) - pass! I was incredibly picky, and so should you. This is not the "I am going to the cheapest person" type of appointment you make. If I could do my own brows, I totally would but it is pretty much impossible. How do you judge the correct depth to microblade while being numb and not properly seeing? How do you curve those perfect strokes while looking in a mirror? How do you stretch your own skin and see what you do?! Hats off to people who has managed to Microblade their own brows. DIY Microblading for me? No thank you!


Remembering I cannot have caffeine the next morning. UUUURGH. It increases blood pressure which will make you bleed the pigment out that we are trying to deposit into your skin. I tape a note to the coffee machine to remember as I am usually up at 7am. That night I am frantically googling more on this theory. Find great info: The effect lasts around 3 hours so with my coffee at 7am and my appointment only at 4pm I should be good - lots of time to drink water and rinse it out of my system!


I have two clients to finish before I am done for the day. At 2:30 my last client left and I cleaned by brows and was ready to predraw my own brow. Not that I don't trust her, but it just saves us time as I have to drive 30mins and get back home for dinner. My husband already asked "When will you be home?!" Typical. Wants to know how long he is alone with our three kids lol.

I totally get it: The predraw can look big and you have to try and imagine hairstrokes inbetween those lines. You look at yourself and wonder: "Is this what it will look like? Is it too big?" All I can say is: It is going to look great. Trust us, trust the procedure. If you really are having a lot of doubts = simply don't do it. It is normal to be nervous. We only give you the brow that you approve of. I ask my clients probably 5 times if they agree with the shape and colour before we start. a Brow is a big change, especially going from nothing to something, or changing the shape completely. You do have to go in open-minded though and be open for a change. The shape that you have pencilled in your brows like for the past 10-20 years might not be the correct ratio, so trust us to provide you with something that will enhance your features and suit your face. I measure for symmetry on all angles, we really do our best to make them as even as possible even though our faces are not. Our Frontalis Muscles also have a big impact on symmetry as well as the amount of natural hairs we have - thicker in one area vs thinner in another.


Lastly, I numbed myself with Dr Numb in the Woodgrove parking lot haha. It takes about 25 mins for it to work, the drive is also about 25 mins from there = perfect!


I arrived at my appointment and she welcomes me into her space. So modern, beautiful, clean and organised. She put one of her own brow rulers on my forehead to double check that I didn't screw up the symmetry - just joking but she did double check which is great! She is very thorough and I got the approval I did a good job ;) She mixed my pigments, cleaned the numbing off my brows with rubbing alcohol again and we were good to go. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous regarding the pretty much zero pain tolerance I have. I can't handle pain, I am such a baby haha.

But once she started Microblading I WAS SO NUMB. Dr Numb really works well, the stuff is amazing!

You feel a light scraping on your skin but you have no pain. Or at least  - I had no pain. And then of course you hear the sound which doesn't faze me anymore. 

After the "first pass" as we call it she "masked" my brows  (stretch my skin open and rub pigment in) and I was still numb. After the second pass the feeling started to come back eventually and I had one sensitive spot. You just flinch, you can't help it! After the second pass she masked me again and added more numbing cream she covered with saran wrap (works faster) before she did the third and final pass. Lenghthening hairstrokes, filling in gaps and going over strokes that was too light. This is a typical Microblading procedure. I work this way too. I was done in 80 minutes (usually takes 2 hours when you have to predraw and numb and fill in consent forms) but it honestly did not feel that long. Since I have Oily Skin which tends to not keep pigment as well and fade 50% during the first session, we will see how it heals and most likely do Microshading at my Follow Up.