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Permanent Make Up has quickly become one of the fastest growing services within the Beauty Industry since it became popular in 2015. Beaula Brow Academy offers an in-depth 3-day Certification course that is packed with knowledge, as we strive to give you the most up to date training with the latest techniques, tools and pigments available in the industry. I have decided to do a combined course that will include and cover all aspects of Microblading, Hybrid Brows and Machine Shading. Being in the industry for 6 years and started off with Microblading only I have found that most, if not all clients, are after a more polished and defined brow that will last them longer than 1 year. Not all clients (their age, skin type, listening to their desired outcome) are suitable for the Microblading Technique only and I found myself doing Hybrid or Powder Brows on 99% of my clientele the past 5 years. With this course you will never have to turn away clients as these techniques will help you cover anyone walking through your doors. Our students will practice on artificial skin and mannequins, before doing their 3 Live Models under guidance and observe and learn from an Instructor Demo. You will receive a Premium Kit worth $850 and one year of support. We will set you up for success to become a Certified Technician in this highly rewarding and profitable career.

Potential Earnings:

$300+ per new client

Making $150/hour

5 clients a week

$6000 per month*

$72'000 per YEAR*

*excluding your returning clients for Touch Ups, add more $


Learn more about your trainer and her certifications, by clicking here

For info on all the courses we offer, click here

You will receive a training folder 3-4 weeks prior to the course which will include:

  • a manual on practicing strokes on artificial skin

  • how to design, draw and map brows

  • head stroke patterns

  • stroke placement and techniques

  • Beaula Brow Academy Tote Bag

  • artificial skin for practicing

  • variety of microblades and a microblading pen

  • list of supplies to start your business and what is included in your kit

  • 50% off gift certificate to have your own brows done by Danielle Jackson

Please click here to sign up for courses and more info.

Sign up deadline for classes are 14 days prior to the course date.

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